Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vapurizes E Cigarette Looks And Feels Like The Real Thing

So you've heard that electric cigarettes may help you quit smoking tobacco by giving the same experience and you've also heard that they are far safer to use.  You like the fact that they do not produce any ash, smoke, or tar  and that as a result, by switching to e-cigarettes and quitting tobacco cigarettes you will no longer be increasing your risk of getting cancer with every puff you take.  You also like the fact that you can choose from many different flavors and nicotine concentrations--you can even smoke nicotine free e-cigs.  The only problem is that you cannot decide which one to choose. Forget What You've Heard About Electric Cigarettes

This is a tough question and there is really no way to know which is best until you have tried a few.  This is actually what I had to do.  In my quest to find an e-cigarette that has a good enough taste and good enough hardware (batteries and so forth), I have tried 6 different brands.  Most of them were pretty bad.  The battery would die after about an hour or so and the flavors were horrible.  On some of them, the paint started coming off the smokeless cig battery after less than 2 months.  They all had a warranty so I had them replaced only to find that they did the same thing.  The ones that didn’t shoot scorching hot vapor into my throat unexpectedly or die after an hour had horrible e-cig juice that tasted something like Robitussin cough medicine.

I was pretty discouraged but I decided to go for one more by Vapurize because I know the these devices have e cigarette benefits.  This one was the winner.  No steaming hot vapor burning my throat without warning, no constantly dead batteries, and no cough medicine taste.  I have known about them for a long time and I knew that they had a very devoted following, and now I know why.  This is the first e-cigarette kit I have tried that makes using e-cigs simple and convenient.  I was able to satisfy my nicotine craving, or simply the desire to puff on something, anytime I wanted because the battery lasted pretty much all day.  Even when I really went at it the battery lasted most of the day.  Besides this, the kit comes with a second battery and a portable charger which fits easily in my pocket that allows me to always have a fresh, fully charged battery whenever the other one dies out.  Moreover, the feel and the look of the e-cigarette itself is very appealing.

Now the battery issue is important since it makes it possible for you to enjoy using your vapor cig.  However, if the taste is not that good, how can you call it a substitute for cigarettes?  Vapurize is most famous for having the best tasting e-cig juice out there and, again, now I know why.  The French vanilla, actually tastes like French vanilla!  The same with the cherry, tobacco, and menthol flavors.  I couldn’t believe that only 1 juice out of 7 tasted good.  The other good thing about Vapurize e-cig juice is that it’s the only one which is not only made in the USA but made only with USA made ingredients in an FDA registered facility.  That definitely gave me piece of mind. 

Well those are my two cents.  If you're trying to decide which e-cigarette kit to choose, just try Vapurize first.  It comes more well equipped than other kits too.  You get the 2 batteries, portable charger pack, USB charger, wall charger, and a free 5-pack of flavored vapor juice which is the equivalent of about 7 packs of tobacco cigarettes.  That’s a really good deal.  Have fun.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Want an E Cigarette That Simply Works? Try Vapurize

So you've decided that you would like to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.    I'm glad to hear it because you're going to be doing a lot of good for your health.  You will be able to wake up feeling more refreshed, be able to take in deeper breaths, and those dark circles under your eyes will start to diminish.  One of the most effective ways to quit smoking is by switching to Vapurize electric cigarettes.  The reason is that the Vapurize vapor cig resemble tobacco cigarettes, taste like them, and in addition, are much more convenient and clean to use.  My experience has bee that people do not know anything about electric cigs even if they have heard about them.  You might know that e-cigs are far safer for your health since they do not contain the thousands of poisons and carcinogens of tobacco cigarettes, but its not until you actually try them that you will see how easy it is to quit by simply switching.

The most important thing to look for is the juice, which is the stuff you actually inhale.  So far Vapurize juice is the only one I know that is not only made in the USA (which is true of many other brands of juice), but also made only with USA made ingredients.  So you are getting a fully domestically produced product which is produced in FDA registered facilities.  Many other juices sold are made in kitchens and garages.  My recommendation would be to try Vapurize out first because they have the reputation for selling the tastiest juices and they have the lowest instances of complaint and the highest satisfaction rate overall.  The flavors vary since you can get tobacco, cherry, vanilla, menthol, and other flavors.

The other factors are battery life and ways to recharge your battery.  In this regard, Vapurize excels as well since the battery life lasts over a day with moderate use and most of the day if you're puffing away constantly.  You also get a second battery so that when one runs out you have the other ready to go without delay.  In addition, they give you three ways to charge: you have a portable charger pack that is as small as a cigarette pack, a USB charger, and a wall charger.  This means that you can charge in your pocket as you get from place to place, on your laptop, or on a wall.  This makes the Vapurize starter kit very convenient since there will be nothing to stop you from satisfying your urge.  The reason why many people have found e-cigs to be useless is that you constantly have to charge them.   What's the point of having a e-cig that’s always dead right?  Vapurize is the only company I know that has solved this issue.

The whole starter kit includes the two batteries mentioned above, the portable charger pack which also stores your e-cig, the spare battery and 5 extra flavor cartridges, and it includes the USB and wall chargers.  The bonus is that you get a 5-cartomizer pack with the flavor and nicotine strength of your choice included.  The cost of all this is only $69.99.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quit Tobacco With Vapurize Electric Cigarette

Vapurize electric cigarettes have helped many people in their efforts to quit tobacco smoking by providing a product that tastes great, is very simple to use, and is convenient to carry around with you anywhere you go.  Best of all, you can enjoy smoking and get your nicotine hit without worrying about destroying your lungs and other organs and without worrying that by smoking you will increase your risk of getting cancer.  Imagine a life without tobacco smoke containing tar and thousands of poisons polluting your lungs 20 times a day.  You will be able to get up in the morning feeling more refreshed and be able to exercise.  You will be able to take deep breaths once more and those dark circles underneath your eyes will diminish.  In addition, you would not smell like tobacco smoke or stain your teeth and nails.  It would truly be a new life for you.

What makes Vapurize electric cigarettes effective is that it allows smokers to continue to do what they love to do (smoke)without any of the nasty side effects and pollution of your body.  Smokers often find that the hardest thing to overcome in quitting their tobacco habit is not the nicotine addiction, but changing long established daily rituals involving cigarettes.  By providing an experience that is as close as possible as you can get to tobacco cigarette smoking, Vapurize electric cigarettes makes the transition painless.  You can continue smoking as you did during your break or after dinner.  In addition, you can satisfy your nicotine cravings just about anywhere including restaurants or at the mall since they are not illegal to use in such places. 

The most important reason to consider buying a Vapurize electric cigarette starter kit is the e-juice.  The e-juice is the stuff that you actually inhale.  The juice is made of the highest quality ingredients right here in the USA and every ingredient is made in the USA under FDA guidelines.  It consists of high quality food-grade vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and natural food flavoring.  Every one of these ingredients is safe (with the exception of nicotine) and has been shown over the course of decades not to cause any cancers or other diseases.  Nicotine can cause heart disease over the long term.  As bad as nicotine is, it does not compare to cyanide, arsenic, and the over 3000 carcinogens and poisons found in tobacco cigarettes.  The long term effects of nicotine are comparable to those of caffeine.  The good thing about Vapurize e-cigarettes is that you can choose to smoke with lower doses of nicotine because Vapurize offers 11mg, 18mg, or 24mg strength of nicotine as well has nicotine free cartridges.

With the Vapurize starter kit, you get a 5-cartridge pack with the flavor and nicotine strength of your choice, two batteries (one is a spare), a portable charger pack which stores your e-cig, the charged spare battery and up to 5 cartridges, as well as a USB charger and a wall charger.  It comes with everything you need to get started.  Try it, if you don’t like it, you've got a 30 day money back guarantee.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vapor Cigs- Revolution in Smoke

E Cigs have been around for a couple of years now, and they are already in the hands of millions of consumers, who were once addicted smokers. Although e cigarettes aren't considered a smoking cessation device, they have been a much better alternative to their past old traditional death sticks. Unlike traditional cigs, electronic cigarettes don't produce tar, don't contain harsh poisonous chemicals, don't produce smoke and they don't even smell! What an electronic cigarette does is it heats up pure liquid nicotine, in the strength and flavor of your choice, and turns it into vapor. So, in reality, what your doing is not smoking, it is vaporizing. The reason these smokeless cigs have taken so much beating by critics is simply because these electric devices look, feel and even taste like the real thing! But the truth is, they are in a different league compared to traditional cigarettes, and are even be in a league of their own.

What league is that? That league is the invention of a new smoke, a new method of supplying ones does of nicotine in the safest way possible. Electronic cigarettes does what a cigarette can do, the feel, the taste, the smoke, just in such a way that it isn't killing you! Tobacco companies can even claim sometimes that their products are safe, and that there is not proof that traditional cigarettes harm people but these are lies and the evidence is outstanding that traditional cigarettes are harmful. What these big tobacco companies do best is trade cigarettes for lives. At least with electronic cigarettes, one can have the same appearance and sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette but instead doing it in such a way that does not hand over your life and money to these tobacco companies. Quitting smoking is very important and although e cigarettes aren't smoking cessation devices, they even have different levels of liquid nicotine ranging from high, medium, low to none, allowing the possibility, still with hard determination, for one to lose their dependance on cigarettes. Vapor is the new smoke and soon traditional cigarettes will be put out, while the new league of e cigarettes begin to 'light up'.

Smokeless Cigarettes-How I Quit Smoking

It has been over 3 months since I’ve been cigarette free, and that’s a big accomplishment for me especially since I have been hooked to these death sticks for over 10 years. It was a daily routine, buy a pack of my favorite cigarettes, smoke a couple on every possible break I had until at the end of the day, to realize I used up a whole pack. Cigarettes have been a very big part of my life, and not a good part.
After finally starting to worry about my health, and fearing that I might get the big “C” disease, I decided I had to stop. I had become a father and once I did every cigarette I smoke I did so in fear, that I may not be there for my wife and kids as long as I would like to. That is when I learned about electronic cigarettes. The way e cigarettes work is that they have a battery, a heating tool (the atomizer) and a liquid nicotine filled cartridge mouth piece. The battery powers the atomizer which in turn heats up the liquid nicotine and turns it into vapor.
Electronic cigarettes seemed to be a plausible route to turn to rather than sticking with my old white death sticks. First of all, vapor e cigs don’t have over 4,000 chemicals like traditional cigarettes do. In fact, the liquid nicotine in e cigarettes is pure nicotine with a few other ingredients. On top of this, most of the companies selling these smokeless cigarettes give you the option to choose from different levels of nicotine, from high, medium, low to none allowing for a gradual release from your nicotine addiction. I had finally decided to try an e cigarette, and ever since, I’ve been off my old traditional smokes. I’m already using low liquid nicotine cartridges and almost completely off my dependance on nicotine. I’ve been feeling so much better now that I’ve been vaping, rather than smoking. No combustion, no tar, no harsh chemicals. For me it was a win, and I’m glad I decided to try this new vapor cig out.

Friday, May 6, 2011

E Cigarette Safety

Many have concerns whether or not the safety of electronic cigarettes is something to worry about. Despite the health hazards of traditional cigarettes being well known, if one were to switch from a hazardous traditional cigarette they probably wouldn’t want to switch to another type of cigarette, electronic, which is also hazardous to ones health. Electronic cigarettes use a battery, atomizer (the heating tool) and liquid nicotine. When one inhales through the mouth filter piece the battery powers the atomizer which as a result heats the liquid nicotine into vapor allowing you to ‘vaporize’.
The concerns are quite evident now, and that is the quality and safety of the liquid nicotine that you breath in. Most companies use imported liquid e juice from China that is made with cheap quality liquids that can be harmful to ones health. Nicotine in itself is an addictive substance however the addicted smoker can gradually lower their addiction to nicotine because electronic cigarette usually give you the option to choose nicotine levels from high, medium, low and none. Although research is still being conducted and whether or not this new vapor cig is safe or not, we do know that e cigarettes don’t have 4000 chemicals like traditional cigarettes do, they don’t function as a result of combustion and they don’t produce any tar. Nicotine in itself, however, being the addictive substance that it is, poses its own health concerns. For example, nicotine is known to speed up your heart beat rate and can even restrict blood flow. Despite this, some medical experts state that nicotine in its purest form is safe and even good for you. For the addicted smoker, it seems that electronic cigarettes would definitely be a better alternative than smoking traditional cigarettes.
Let’s see generally what ingredients go into electronic cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes.
Electronic Cigarettes (Generally contain, some, all, or more ingredients than listed below):
  • Propylene Glycol (used as a food additive)
  • Food-grade Vegetable Glycerin (used in body care)
  • Food-grade Glycerol (sweetener)
  • Distilled water
  • Nicotine
  • Natural Flavors
  • Artificial flavors
  • Citric Acid

General Traditional Cigarette Included Ingredients:

  • Carbon Monoxide (can be found in automobile exhaust fumes)
  • Ammonia (used as a household cleaner), Arsenic (used in different rat poisons)
  • Chromium (used in production to make steel)
  • Benzene (used in production of gasoline)
  • Formaldehyde (used to preserve dead bodies)
  • Hydrogen Cyanide (used in production of chemical weapons)
  • Polonium-210 (a radioactive poison)
  • Lead (causes brain damage and neurological problems)
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (highly carcinogenic substance)
Electronic Cigarettes seem to clearly be a better alternative to traditional cigarettes and have helped many cut their dependance from traditional cigarettes. Make sure the company you buy your e cigarettes from uses only 100% USA made liquid nicotine.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vapurize Electronic Cigarettes-Coming Soon

Electronic Cigarettes by Vapurize are coming very soon and they will revolutionize the e-cigarette market. The standards many companies hold today are very low, importing their e-liquids and selling poor quality products to their customers. Vapurize will use their own exclusive 100% USA brewed e-liquid. This will be a brand of e cigarettes that one can depend on. Stay tuned.